Aug 21, 2020

Best Corner Guards Review & Buyer’s Guide 2021

If you are considering to buy a best corner guards, you should go through the following list of best corner guards.

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Editor’s Pick

Protector Proofing Protectors Furniture CalMyotis

Top 10 corner guards


4.6 out of 5 stars, 1192 customer reviews Check Best Price

4.6 out of 5 stars, 1356 customer reviews Check Best Price

4.0 out of 5 stars, 352 customer reviews Check Best Price

4.4 out of 5 stars, 3944 customer reviews Check Best Price

4.0 out of 5 stars, 309 customer reviews Check Best Price

4.4 out of 5 stars, 19 customer reviews Check Best Price

4.0 out of 5 stars, 78 customer reviews Check Best Price

4.3 out of 5 stars, 43 customer reviews Check Best Price

4.8 out of 5 stars, 10 customer reviews Check Best Price

4.5 out of 5 stars, 60 customer reviews Check Best Price

Best corner guards

1. Protector Proofing Protectors Furniture CalMyotis


Protector Proofing Protectors Furniture CalMyotis
  • ✅ AUTHENTIC CERTIFIED SAFETY PRODUCT – This product should be used under adult’s supervision, all our products are tested under strict US regulations. There are no phthalates, BPA, chemicals or added toxic fire retardants (SCCPs).
  • ✅ SPECIAL DESIGN AND 1 MINUTE INSTALLATION – Our protectors are designed by Mechanics expert to protect your baby from being hurt by the corners of coffee table,desk,TV cabinets and other sharp corners in the house. And under our instructions, you can easily finish the installation.
  • ✅ CUSTOMIZED HIGH POWER ADHESIVE – Based on most of the feedback we received, we offer a custom 1mm high power adhesive on each side of the guard , covering the interior as a whole, to prevent the guard from being teared off by the child. And it can removes the residual trace without damaging the furniture.
  • ✅ TRANSPARENT AND SOFT – Our totally transparent protector are like a part of the furniture to keep the original look of the furniture. The improved PVC material is more flexible and provides soft bumps at the corners to reduce the likelihood of injury.
  • ✅ DEVOTED CUSTOMER SERVICE – This product comes with 1-MONTH full refund trial period. If you receive a defective corner guards within 30 days, you can send it back without conditions and get a replacement for free.

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2. Soft Proofing Corner Guards Protectors


Soft Proofing Corner Guards Protectors
  • ALWAYS KEEP YOUR CHILD SAFE! You love your baby more than anything, and you want to prevent head and knee injuries from sharp corners. That’s why you’ll love our Sure Basics Impact Absorbing Corner Protector.
  • QUICK INSTALLATION IN 1 MINUTE – Comes Pre-Taped – Install your table corner protectors for baby in seconds without any hassle! Simply peel back the tape backing, and place edge guard on the desired surface.
  • PEACE OF MIND PARENTING – Completely childproof the sharp edges and corners in your home without damaging your beautiful furniture. Our safe baby safety corner guards use long-lasting 3M adhesive tape that sticks on Wood, Glass, Steel, and Ceramic surfaces.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR SMART MOMS! The best solution is always prevention! If you are looking for a thoughtful gift for parents and grandparents, then you have found a winner with our 8-Pack of baby corner guards! It’s a gift that keeps on giving!
  • SAFETY PRECAUTIONS FOR THE WIN – Did you know sharp edges on tables, shelves, chairs, and furniture can cause nasty injuries for children? Now you can prevent unnecessary accidents while your child plays with our Extra-Cushioned furniture corner protectors! Click the yellow “Add to Cart” button today, and start enjoying greater safety in your home!

3. Protector Absorbent Furniture Resistant SurBaby


Protector Absorbent Furniture Resistant SurBaby
  • ✅ KEEP YOUR LITTLE EXPLORER SAFE FROM NASTY EDGES – Protect your busy bee from painful injuries, bumps and bruises by turning your home into a child-safe heaven one coffee table corner at a time. Stick our Baby Corner Guards on furniture tops’ sharp edges so you can focus more on enjoying every happy moment you spend with your cheeky monkey. The transparent, tasteful and rectangular design is made to flawlessly fit every corner without ruining your feng shui!
  • ✅ INCREDIBLY EASY-TO-APPLY FURNITURE CORNER PROTECTORS – The best childproof design is translated into easy peasy, stick-and-go installation for parents AND impossible removal by curious yet unexpectedly strong little fingers. Just remove the covering and stick on any wooden edge you see – coffee table, wardrobe, counter tops, bookshelf. PLUS, our table corner covers’ strongest adhesion is a breeze to remove without harming your precious furniture.
  • ✅ SUPER STRONG ACRYLIC ADHESIVE – Are you tired of table corner covers that get pulled right off like nothing by your little Spiderman? Stop wasting your hard-earned money. SurBaby premium adhesive holds withstands your little bundle of joy’s superpowers. At last, super fastened edge covers that stick and last. In case you want them off, they’re very easy to remove AND clean. No sticky residue. Well, nothing that a wet wipe can’t handle, anyway! Yay!
  • ✅ CRYSTAL CLEAR VERSATILE DESIGN – Don’t turn your home into a circus with colorful rubber corner protectors or bulky, poorly-designed baby safety edging. Our lightweight bumpers will carefully cuddle every corner and elegantly blend in with any home décor. Universal fit, strong, long lasting, yet crystal clear, they’re made of the best child-safe materials. Easy on the eye, they turn every nook into a lovely and cozy oasis of safetiness.
  • ✅ NO QUESTIONS ASKED FREE RETURNS – Our mission is to protect your baby from head injuries caused by table corners, right angles and the sharp furniture in your home. Every complete set of 24 superb and practical plastic corner protectors is backed by a hassle-free return policy. If you’re not 200% satisfied with SurBaby high-impact cushioning and ultra-absorbent kid-proofing guards, contact us for a full refund. Put child safety first. Order today at no risk.

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4. Roving Cove Furniture Protectors Pre Taped


Roving Cove Furniture Protectors Pre Taped
  • WATCH THE VIDEO, TOP LEFT || Genuine Roving Cove Product: Roving Cove is a registered trademark is owned by Mayapple Baby of Brooklyn, NY. All of our product reviews are authentic. None of our “Verified Purchase” reviewers were given free or discounted products for their “unbiased” review. Beware of scam reviews. Beware of phantom sellers.
  • CLEAN SAFETY: Roving Cove uses the safest and purest raw material available and was the first brand to make foam safety bumpers without the use of toxic flame-retardant chemicals (SCCPs). This product contains no BPA, no phthalates, no heavy metals, no latex, no SCCPs. Inherently flame-resistant; passed flammability tests under US regulations.
  • DENSEST: Density is more important than thicknessâ„¢ when it comes to softening impact. Roving Cove cushions measure Shore A Durometer of 20-30, much more dense than the industry standard of 12-15. Soft, high-density premium cushions absorb impact and protect your loved one from the hard, sharp corners and edges in your home or at schools, daycares, preschools, hospitals, assisted living facilities, senior facilities, senior housing, work areas, offices, museums, restaurants and more.
  • LONGEST: Jumbo Pack covers 20.4 feet (245 inches) of surface area: 18 feet (5.5 meters) edge cushion + 8 corner cushions — making this the most surface area covered by any product anywhere as of October 2014. Fits all standard size tables (round table up to 69″ diameter, square table up to 56″ square and rectangle table up to 36″ x 78″). L-Shaped safety bumpers. Industrial strength; commercial length.
  • SECURE ADHESION: Includes authentic, easy-to-peel 3M double-sided tape (36 feet of tape for the 18 ft. edge cushion and PRE-TAPED CORNERS). Tape is pressure-sensitive: press hard and long for best results. Coffee Brown color matches with oak, walnut, mahogany, cherry, or dark brown-colored wood, brick, stone, glass; such as tables, chairs, chests, shelves, stairs and fireplaces/hearths. | All text and photos/images in this product listing are copyrighted materials. 2012-2019 Mayapple Baby

5. Protectors Resistant Adhesive Injuries Furniture


Protectors Resistant Adhesive Injuries Furniture
  • Baby Proof Corner Guards;Stop Child Head Injuries Tables, Furniture & Sharp Corners Baby Proofing
  • âžœ FIRST & FOREMOST SAFETY FOR BABIES AND KIDS: Don’t risk it when it comes to your child’s safety! Our best-selling number one corner and edge premium guards have three times more hold and cushion than what is available in the market.(WARM PROMPT: WHEN YOU USED IT IN WINTER , THE EFFECT WILL BE BETTER AFTER HEATING WITH A HOT HAIR DRYER FOR FOUR-EIGHT SECONDS)
  • âžœClear Corner Protectors comes with Pre-applied NITTO Adhesive tape, simply peel tape backing, and place at the desired corner.
  • âžœ CLEAR, TRANSPARENT AND CLEAN: Since these are clear & transparent, once you put them on you won’t even notice that they are there! They blend seamless with your furniture, maintaining that original look and feel of your furniture.
  • âžœ 2 MINUTE INSTALLATION: Securing your home has never been easier. Our user-friendly and quick installation guide means your children are protected instantly. All the pieces you need, including extra hold adhesives, pre-applied directly at factory, you only need to remove covering and stick on. It’s that simple! (Do not use on high gloss tables)
  • âžœ QUALITY OVER QUANTITY: Our child-proof and high quality corner guards arrive factory tested and are manufactured with only the highest quality materials to give you full peace of mind. Your little ones are guaranteed to be safe and secure after you’ve invested in Gudui corner guards.

6. Prime Line MP10069 Corner Shield Construction


Prime Line MP10069 Corner Shield Construction
  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Used to prevent chipping of paint, tearing of wallpaper and fingerprint build up
  • These corner shields feature 2-3/8 in. wide leafs and come in 48 in. lengths
  • These guards come white in color
  • Constructed of long-lasting, extruded vinyl. Installation holes not included
  • These corner shields do not include dual sided mounting tape, or any other installation fasteners

7. Transparent Furniture Protectors Double Sided Appliances


Transparent Furniture Protectors Double Sided Appliances
  • ❤ Safe Material – The Furniture Safety Bumper is made of an eco-friendly,Food-Grade Safety and soft PVC material that is nontoxic and odor-free. It can help babies and seniors avoid injury from sharp walls and tables. Make sure safety and health for your babies and seniors.
  • ღ Clear,Transparent and Practical – The edge with an anti-tear layer which provides strong toughness. The Gorgeous Transparent PVC material not only does not affect the the look of furniture of different colors but also Can be squeezed or pulled repeatedly and will not easy to deformed or tear, prevent the baby from being injured because of eating or chewing it.
  • ❤ Furniture & More – The bumper can be used on the desk, table, wall, any place with not friendly corner or edge, it can be used in wood, glass, aluminum alloy, ceramic tile, marble, metal, cement, etc.
  • ღ Total Protection – A set of table protectors ensures that the side and corner of the table will be fully protected. Provides strong protection for your baby, and reduce shock injuries.( It’s better to heat double-sided tape with a hair dryer to peel off bumper easily.)
  • ❤ 100% GUARANTEED CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Friendly and Responsive Customer Service team provide Lifetime Free Replacement or Money back guarantee for your Furniture Safety Bumper. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us with email, we will solve any question for you within 12 hours. ☺Tip:Double-sided tape is protected by the red/white layer, please tear off the red/white layer when installing, The use effect of the product will not be affected by the color of layer

8. Protectors Thickened Adhesive Ball Shaped Furniture


Protectors Thickened Adhesive Ball Shaped Furniture
  • 16 L-SHAPED+ 8 BALL-SHAPED: THE BALL-SHAPED CORNER BUMPER are applicable for furniture with UPPER CORNERS. It can protect the baby from getting injured by colliding with the furniture when lower his/her head, crouch down or fall. THE L-SHAPED ONES are suitable for furniture with both UPPER AND LOWER CORNERS. It can cover the upper and lower corners at the same time, which ensures that your baby won’t get hurt when playing under tables.
  • NEWLY UPGRADED ADHESIVE: Thickened adhesive provides a stronger adhesive. When you are not using it, you can remove stickers without damaging your furniture, leaving no residues on the surface. 8 extra adhesive set are included as free gift.
  • PVC MATERIAL AND INSTALLATION: Baby corner guards are highly transparent, can completely match your home décor style without changing the appearance of your furniture. Non-toxic and odorless PVC material serves well and safely. Easy installation, no extra tools needed. Just simply peel off the protective film on the adhesive and apply rubber corner guards onto your furniture, then press it for about 1 minute, done!
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL KINDS OF FURNITURE: Edge protector is soft and elastic, can protect your baby from getting hurt by sharp corners of tables, nightstands, chairs, desks and basins. Besides, you can choose glass corner guards that can better fit your furniture according to its shape.

9. Stainless Steel Corner Guard adhesive


Stainless Steel Corner Guard adhesive

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    10. Wemk Protector Proofing Adhesion Furniture


    Wemk Protector Proofing Adhesion Furniture

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      Final Verdict

      However, if you are new to purchasing a corner guards , you can surely make a mistake as there are several options available in the market. That is why we have provided buying guide of corner guards to you. Read it carefully to make a wise choice and save your money from going waste.
      If you haven’t got much time, then we recommend to go through our list of top corner guards. This has been carefully curated after a long research and analysis. As per our choice, has grabbed the first place. It’s amazing features and specifications deserved first position.
      Which did you choose? Have you been using any of these corner guards? Share your feedback and comments in the below section. We shall reply to your queries as soon as possible.